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SecURLy Parent Portal, ​Home Filtering & Monitoring for Chromebooks:

Many parents have requested access to their child’s browsing history on the Chromebooks, as well as additional filtering controls at home. We are pleased to announce the district has enabled the Parent Portal for student Chromebooks. This service will send weekly reports of student Internet activity to your email,
and allow you to view more detailed information on a website.

To sign-up for the service, fill out this form:​ ​
To enter the Parent Portal, simply click on the “view more” link, or the “sign up” link at the bottom of your weekly email. You will be asked to check two boxes:

1. I understand that I may see potentiality sensitive online content accessed by my child.
2. I agree to Securly’s terms of service and privacy policy.

The Parent Portal contains two categories on the left from which you can choose:
1. Activity (shows a real time audit trail of your child’s online activity)
2. Flagged (shows posts made on Facebook, Twitter, and G+ that have been flagged by Securly)

There are also additional Parent Portal features coming soon:
· Settings (allows you to control content on the device at home only)
· Pause Button (to turn off Internet access during certain hours)
· Emergency notifications for disturbing activity
The district will be running information evenings on student Internet safety, which will cover the parent
portal in more detail. Further information on these events will be released soon.

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