MTHS Database Information

MTHS Databases

Use the MTHS Database Passwords Launch to see usernames and passwords for the databases, described below.

(Get the entry password for this page from the librarian.)

General Information:

Britannica Online – A great place to start to gather basic information on ANY topic.  Has a translate feature and will change text to various reading levels.

Gale Virtual Reference Library – Our largest reference source with over 250 reference ebooks on all subjects. Search within the entire collection or within an individual ebook. Includes some primary source and government documents, as well as in-depth reference information.

CultureGrams – A geographical source that includes maps, statistics, and flags, as well as contemporary and historical social, political, and economic profiles, of more than 200 countries around the world, all US states, and Canadian provinces.


US and World History in Contexta comprehensive online collection that uses Web-like interface to provide access to a broad collection historical information.  Includes primary sources.

History Study Center (same username and password as CultureGrams) – vast collection of primary and secondary sources for the study of history.  Covers global history from ancient times to the present day.

Opposing Viewpoints – delivers a range of perspectives on important issues, including those of scholars. Also includes full-text articles, daily-updated national and global news, video, audio streams and podcasts, images, and interactive maps.

ProQuest – The ultimate magazine and newspaper database, from ’80’s to today; also includes great scholarly articles.

Literature and News:

ProQuest Learning: Literature (same username and password as CultureGrams) – A great resource for literature! You can use it to:

  • Research authors
  • Find criticism/commentary on literary works
  • Search a variety of literary reference tools, including a variety of dictionaries (of famous quotations, literary terms, cultural literacy) andKnowledgeNotes, which are summary and good commentary on novels
  • Find multimedia links, pictures, and videos related to literature or authors
  • Hear poems read to you


Science in Context – a comprehensive online collection that uses Web-like interface to provide access to a broad collection of Science resources.  A great resource for everything related to Science!!!


e-Library – Variety of media, including audio/video

Soundzabound – Royalty-free music, audio themes and sound effects; ensures copyright safety

Learn360 – Multimedia educational resources and video streaming (currently only for teachers)


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