Parent Access to Online Systems

Parent Access to Online Student Systems

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Many teachers are using one of the following Classroom Management Systems to organize the course files, assignments, and calendar. You can check with your child or her/his teacher to determine what system is used in each setting.-


If your child’s teacher is using Canvas, you may log in as a parent and observe. This means you see exactly what your student sees, including calendars, documents, announcements, and discussions.

This will not allow you to interact as the student.
To observe a student in Canvas:
● Go to to access the parent portal. In the upper right, click on “Parent of a Canvas user?”
● You will need your student’s login name​ (the beginning of her/his school email address and login password​. This will connect your student’s account to your new parent account.
● Bookmark the login page for future access:

To add a second student:
● Log in to your parent account.
● Under Account > Profile​ you will see Observing​ at the bottom of the left side menu.
● Click on Observing​.
● Add another student to follow (+ Student​). You will again need this (other) student’s login name and password.

IOS & Android Canvas Apps:
There are Canvas Apps available in the app store for student and parent devices.

Google Classroom

If your child’s teacher is using Google Classroom, you will need to contact the teacher and give her/him an email address, requesting to be added as the guardian of a specific student in Classroom. Once you are added, you will receive email notifications of updates, assignments, and postings in the Google Classroom. You will not have access to see the contents of the Classroom other than through the email notifications.



Edmonds School District uses Skyward for all student records. All teachers post grades here. You may view your student’s grades directly from the Skyward website ( or app on your personal device. Skyward may be used for more than just grades. You can update contact information, pay fees & fines, add funds to a lunch account, and much more. You may also set up automatic email notifications for grades and attendance. To do this, log into Skyward; click in the top right corner on “My Account”; at the bottom of the page, look for “Email Notifications”; select the emails you wish to receive.
Skyward Login:
Parents, you have your own login and password separate from your student’s account. If you are not sure what it is, go to the Skyward Website and click on the link to retrieve your login information.

Skyward App:
Parents and students are able to access the app from their mobile devices with their regular login information. Students have their own login.



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