Mission Statement

The mission of the Mountlake Terrace High School library is to empower the broad spectrum of students within the building  to become life-long learners and readers who are active and engaged citizens of their community. The  Edmonds School district is focused on creating graduates who are “ready for life” and able to navigate the information rich world and the library plays an important role in that mission by providing access to varied information and technology.

Mountlake Terrace  Library Goals:

To achieve this mission of empowering students it is the goal of the library to support students through the following:

  • Provide a space where students and staff have access to information to follow their reading interests and learning goals.

  • Provide a space where members of the school community can meet to discuss, engage and explore ideas.

  • Provide digital and physical materials for the exploration of ideas that aligns with the curriculum and interests of the learners in the building.

  • Materials provided by the library need to be at multiple levels in order to be accessible and rigorous to the diversity of learners and abilities within the building including English Language Learners, Special Education Students and STEM students

  • Work with students and staff to teach informational literacy.

  • Be an advocate for reading and the appreciation of literature.

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