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Computer Science in the Library

Learn about Computer Science in the Library today as part of Computer Science week!

Computer Science is about logic, problem solving, and creativity.

Here are some recommended coding activities:

Beginner Level: 

Moana Wayfinding with Code
– This is a great acitivity if you have never coded before. In this new Disney Hour of Code tutorial you will use visual programming language using blocks and drag and drop visual blocks to write code. Visual programming is a fun and easily understood way to teach the logic of coding.

Create your own Google logo:
– For those who are more art-inclined, create your own Google Logo using Code.

Intermediate Level: 

CodeCombat Escape the Dungeon: 
– This game is actually pretty fun to play! The premise of this game is you control the character you play through coding. So rather than moving with defined keys, you move a character through coding. In addition, students have the option to play and learn 4 different coding languages.

Wonder Women:
– In this activity, you’ll code three unique scenes from the film using Blockly, an introductory coding language, to help Wonder Woman navigate obstacles and reach her goal. You’ll use the power of sequences, variables, loops and conditionals to help Diana train against her opponents.

Advanced Level: 

Make a Flappy game: 
– One of the more difficult ones. Rather than playing, you’re coding the game itself modeling after the Flappy Bird app.

Not interested in any of these ideas go to: The Hour of Code Website for more activites! 

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I am excited to be a new member of the Mountlake Terrace Staff.  This year will be my 19th year in Education and my first year as a Librarian.  I have been both an English teacher and a History Teacher at the High School level and I am thrilled to bring together my love of both subjects, reading and technology.

Please feel free to stop by and introduce yourself! Tell me what you are looking for in your library.  I want to make sure that the library is an active vibrant place where all learners can connect.


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